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Image of the Mandalorian and Grogu flying in front of a Swiss flag

Switzerland has cleanest accounting, Sri Lanka not so much

The Transparently.AI Global Accounting Manipulation Rankings reveals which country has the highest and lowest risk of...

A lightning storm rages over the Evergrande Center building.

Evergrande is the proverbial tip of the iceberg

Transparently's accounting risk scores indicated problems at China Evergrande stretching back decades. More trouble may...

A man in a suit and tie changing the size of a stack of blocks in a visualisation of income smoothing.

What is deferral accounting?

We explore what is deferral accounting, different types of deferrals and examples of how companies use deferrals to...

Picture of a man moving coins from one stack to another stack

What is income smoothing?

Companies use income smoothing to reduce earnings variability. We look at the types of income smoothing and why...

A judge's gavel and handcuffs laid over financial charts and calculators to visualise accounting crimes.

What is accounting fraud?

Find out what accounting fraud is, how difficult it is to define and the different types of accounting fraud.

Spotlight on Marvell Technology's logo, visualising scrutiny on the company.

Marvell Technology: Not so Marvellous?

Marvell's stock price has leaped in recent months. Our analyst digs deeper into Marvell's accounting to see if the...

A magnifying glass hovering over a map of China.

Does China have a due diligence problem?

Official resistance to due diligence on companies in China is growing and calls into question how effectively fraud at...

Collapsed buildings after an earthquake: A fitting metaphor for backing property investments with unstable foundations.

Chinese developers are still risky: Analysis

Transparently.AI analysis shows that risks at Chinese property developers remain, even as the country's real estate...

An auditor scrutinises numbers on a balance sheet with a magnifying glass. The time and cost related to auditing has been rising in recent years.

How AI can lower your audit costs

Transparently.AI analysis shows how our AI-driven product can help companies reduce their auditing costs.