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A spotlight on the word CFO with a person in a suit next to it, in a visualisation of CFOs being scrutinised.

The role of CFOs in accounting fraud and how AI might change it

Learn about the role CFOs play in accounting fraud and the potential impact of AI on their responsibilities.

Image of a businessman with an electronic headpiece plugged into a laptop in a visualisation of using AI for investment management.

How one stock picker uses AI for investment management

Learn how one asset manager uses AI for investment. Discover how Transparently.AI helps Firth Investment Management...

A cutaway image of an electric vehicle with the battery exposed.

How risky are EV battery makers?

Warning signals are emerging for EV battery makers as investor hype eases. Find out how risky battery makers'...

A robot filling in numbers on a form while entering digits on a calculator in a visualization of AI in accounting.

When will companies use AI to manipulate accounts?

Will companies soon use AI to manipulate their accounting? Our opinion on how this stage in the evolution of AI in...

Alstom logo as seen through a magnifying glass in a visualization of someone scrutinizing the company.

Accounting fears trip Alstom

Investors are worried about what lies ahead for Alstom after its recent cash flow update. We analyze Alstom's...

Stacks of boxes in a shopping trolley with Pinduoduo branding superimposed on a laptop in a visualization of ecommerce.

Accounting red flags at Pinduoduo

A short seller labeled Pinduoduo parent PDD as fraudulent. We analysed PDD for accounting manipulation risk.

An image of a business man handcuffed from behind clutching cash in a visualization of the world's worst accounting scandals.

The World's Worst Accounting Scandals

Accounting crimes have cost the global economy billions of dollars in losses. We break down the world's worst...

A pair of robot hands with a magnifying glass and a pen hovering over an invoice.

How to use AI to detect accounting fraud

Accounting fraud is hard to prove and prosecute. Learn how AI and machine learning can be used to detect accounting...

The word accrual magnified in the lens of spectacles lying on a financial document.

What is accrual accounting?

A detailed study of how accrual accounting is used in accounting manipulation. Find out the different types of accrual...