Detect accounting fraud and manipulation in seconds

Get ahead of the market and understand the financial risk of any business with the click of a button. Our Manipulation Risk Analyzer (MRA) runs millions of financial data points through intelligent machine learning models, predicting the risk of corporate collapse almost instantly.

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What is the Manipulation Risk Analyzer?

It can take a forensic accounting team a month or more to analyze the financial risk of one company. We’ve built an AI system that streamlines this analysis down to a few seconds.

The Transparently Manipulation Risk Analyzer generates highly accurate risk reports for any organization - and for any financial year - within seconds. Its machine learning algorithm digs deep into large financial data sets, unearthing accounting red flags that the human eye might miss.

The Manipulation Risk Analyzer

Under the hood

How does it work?


Search a large pool of companies

We provide analytics for tens of thousands of companies across different sectors and countries. You can easily search for companies within the MRA tool and trigger your own analyses.


Robust score-based ratings 

The MRA uses around 150 models, combined with machine-learning processes, to analyze millions of data points. It then provides a unique accounting risk score (0-100%) based on 14 distinct clusters of characteristics.

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Receive custom forensic reports

Understand how and why a company scores high (or low) with detailed follow-up reports. The MRA will also generate recommendations on what steps to take next, including areas you should investigate.

The benefits

How we help you

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Enable early detection

Organizations that manipulate their accounts to hide their financial difficulties often do it incredibly well. Our MRA enables you to detect fraud two to three years before public knowledge.

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Make confident decisions

Whether you’re a bank assessing a loan application or an asset manager evaluating your portfolio risk, the MRA delivers accurate threat scores to inform your decisions.

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Avoid reputational damage

Investing in a collapsing business can result in heavy financial losses. It can also severely impact your organization’s reputation and client relationships. Our AI helps you limit this risk.


A two-minute explainer

Our CEO and co-founder Hamish Macalister provides a precise run down on who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Our AI in action

Use cases of the MRA


Credit investigation

For banks, the MRA can act as a credit investigation trigger tool. It allows you to identify account manipulation in the companies you have already loaned to or plan to loan to.


Identifying risk

For regulators, the MRA can monitor corporate governance within your jurisdictions. This can strengthen your regulatory environment and corporate ecosystem.

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Portfolio management

For portfolio managers with billions of dollars under management, the MRA can uncover hidden risks within your current investments or companies you plan to invest in.