Transparently.AI red flags 16 Kiwi companies: Radio New Zealand

Posted by Team Transparently

Media coverage of Transparently.AI's recently released country rankings report landed CEO Hamish Macalister an interview with Radio New Zealand's Kathryn Ryan on her Nine to Noon show this week. 

Among other things, the conversation covers how the Transparently.AI system works, how it's trained and the $1 trillion problem of accounting fraud. Have a listen:

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00:50 Introduction to Transparently.AI

02:54 Use cases for Transparently.AI's product

03:35 What is accounting manipulation?

05:00 How the Transparently.AI system is trained to look for accounting red flags

07:45 Example of a red flag the system hunts for: earnings smoothing

09:30 "We do not give financial advice"

11:15 How to interpret the company risk scores the Transparently.AI system produces

12:25 "More than $1 trillion a year is lost to accounting manipulation"

14:00 New Zealand's ranking relative to other countries for accounting manipulation

15:38 Who are Transparently.AI's customers?

16:35 Hamish's background

17:30 Why the company is based in Singapore


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